Compassionate Care

My Thoughts on the Transformative Power of Compassionate Care

 I believe in the power of compassionate care. I remember a nurse on disability who came to me with severe headaches and low back and knee pain.  She would clinch her teeth in response to the pain which would worsen her headaches, creating a vicious cycle. She was in deep depression with anxiety, and had pretty much given up on herself.

She requested strong pain medications and I was concerned about her motivation for this. I spent quite some time with her to really understand the challenges facing her, and we developed an individualized treatment plan that paid attention to both her physical and emotional well being.

She was put on a comprehensive program of physical therapy, mental health counseling, pain medications, and was given trigger point injections. I also gave her a series of botulinum toxin commonly known as Botox injections, which resulted in significant improvements in her headaches and teeth clenching.

Another huge benefit was the it got rid of a lot of wrinkles, which improved her appearance, her self-esteem and depression.  Her life is now completely transformed. She really appreciates her care, works full-time as a registered nurse. She has hope and is empowered and committed to continue to building a better future with even less reliance on medications.

I believe it is an absolute travesty that when she went to other doctors they did not listen to what she truly needed. She was basically told they would not prescribe the required medications, they were dismissive of her and told her to get on with her life but did not give her the means to accomplish this goal.

That’s like putting the cart before the horse. It is critically important that doctors believe in their patients and listen carefully and thoroughly to what they have to say, which allows the creation of an environment where compassionate care rules.