booking-calendar-sliderDr. Hoffberg lectures frequently to health care professionals and the public on a wide varities of topics including pain medicine, physiatry and electrodiagnostic medicine.

His is very familiar with comprehensive, multidisciplinary pain management including pharmocologic treatments, myofascial (soft tissue) pain including injections and other physical medicine modalities, and proper monitoring and assessment of chronic pain.

He continues to lecture and give preceptorships with medical students and residents. This has includes grand rounds presentations, panel discussions, workshops, teleconferences, and peer to peer meetings.

Additionally, Dr. Hoffberg frequently gives talks and participates in panel discussions on TV and radio to keep patients and their families informed about treatment options.

If you would like Dr. Hoffberg to speak about pain medicine, physical medicine, injection therapies, and more at your next event or program, contact us to check his availability.